Professional Sound

Of all the human senses, our auditory (or hearing) ability accounts for just 13% of our senses.  It doesn’t seem like very much does it? 

However, in our experience, it’s arguably the most readily noticeable facet of any professional production, be that studio, TV & film, theatre, live music concert or commercial/corporate presentation. 

When we attend live events and listen to music, either played live or recorded, it can be both immersive and intimate. It allows a connection to musicians and DJs, and a synchronicity to those we share the experience with. In short, it’s so much more than just a 13% experience!

It’s therefore little wonder that as a full service, live event production supplier, we devote so much of our time and resources to ensuring that we’re continually meeting the professional audio expectations of our customers and their audiences. 

  • We specialise in providing live sound loudspeaker systems from global leading manufacturers: L’Acoustics, CodaAudio 
  • We stock a broad range of Yamaha, DiGiCo, SoundCraft and Midas digital live sound mixing consoles and stage boxes.
  • We stock premium quality wireless microphone and In Ear Monitor systems and components from Shure, Sennheiser & RF Venue.
  • We’re consistently refreshing our audio production assets to reflect advances in production technology and industry trends.
  • We retain a highly skilled and experienced team of audio engineers and technicians.
  • We employ a rigorous process of testing, programming and configuration of PA systems and sound equipment before despatch from the warehouse for a production or event.